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Mission Reconnect is an evidence-based program of mind and body therapies for use by Veterans and their partners to support physical, mental and relationship health. We are glad you have found us and hope Mission Reconnect will prove valuable to you, as it has for others.

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Program Benefits

Effectiveness for Veterans and partners proven in research sponsored by the US National Institutes of Health...

For body, mind and spirit

Reduces stress, depression, tension, pain, irritability and sleep problems. Increases compassion, resiliency and interpersonal support.

Strengthens relationships

Share with your partner for mutual support and encouragement. Learn simple massage techniques to reduce stress and deepen your connection.

You’re in control

A variety of techniques are offered -- from mindfulness to massage and more. They will empower you to regulate your own moods and neurochemistry. Try them all and discover what works best for you.

Reduces post-traumatic stress

Users with PTSD have significant reductions in symptom levels with the Mission Reconnect program.

For singles or couples

Connect more deeply with yourself. Most practices can be used by singles and don't require a partner.


No appointments needed! Use anytime and anywhere. Everything you need is on the website and mobile app.


A lifetime of care for $20 per household.


Tested in a four-city randomized controlled trial with Veterans from all branches of the military. See research findings below.


Want to learn more about Mission Reconnect?

Watch this Introductory video, or click below to view the research with over 400 users, including Veterans from all branches of the military and their partners.

View the research about the program

Application Features

Mission Reconnect web and mobile application highlights

  • Partners join for free

    Sign-up includes a partner account at no additional charge. The partner account can be added at any time.

  • Downloadable support materials

    Supplementary materials include manuals and visual aids as PDF downloads.

  • Offline access

    All video and audio instruction is easily downloaded to your computer or mobile device for access when offline.

  • Free updates

    Users receive free updates of the program whenever available.

  • iOS, Android, Windows Phone

    Available in the app stores of all three platforms.

User Comments

Read what users of Mission Reconnect have said about the program

I am finding that I am using the Centering exercise as a professional ’time out.’ It has helped in working through and refocusing myself on tasks when things that I cannot control enter the equation.

Had a horrible day and it was a great way to take away my irritability.

I was able to set aside my constant ”running mind” and just focus on the moment with my partner, which helped me to relax as well.

It is still a work in progress, but less hateful of my failures or blaming myself of some stuff.

I like the Seeing Each Other exercise because it helps me feel closer to my wife.

I caught myself in a natural yawn and decided to use the moment as an impromptu session and extended into therapeutic yawning (Reset and Refresh).

I continue to reflect on the techniques that help me deal with chronic pain.

I feel quieter, fewer thoughts racing in my head I felt more relaxed and at ease after giving the massage.

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Sponsoring Organization

Mission Reconnect invites partnerships with organizations wishing to sponsor free access for Veterans. If you are connected with a Veteran support or advocacy organization, ask them if they will become a sponsoring organization. You will be helping make this important resource available to others who can benefit from Mission Reconnect.

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Partner Account

Each primary account is allowed one partner account. You can add your partner account at any time. Once a partner account is created it is not transferrable.

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