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Individual User

Lifetime use fee: $20

Create an individual user account for Mission Reconnect right now with a one-time charge of $20, or for free if you have an access code from a sponsoring organization.

Each individual user account comes with the option to name a partner to receive access with a partner account at no additional cost. You can add the partner account when you sign up or later if you wish.

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Bulk discounts available

Mission Reconnect offers an outstanding opportunity for advocacy organizations to fulfill their vision of serving Veterans and their loved ones. Organizational Sponsors obtain blocks of access codes according to their needs and the size of their audience.

An organization's access codes are used to create individual user accounts, including the option to add a partner account at no additional cost.

More Information

Sponsoring Organization

Mission Reconnect invites partnerships with organizations wishing to sponsor free access for Veterans. If you are connected with a Veteran support or advocacy organization, ask them if they will become a sponsoring organization. You will be helping make this important resource available to others who can benefit from Mission Reconnect.

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Partner Account

Each primary account is allowed one partner account. You can add your partner account at any time. Once a partner account is created it is not transferrable.

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