Privacy Policy

By creating a user account on the Mission Reconnect website you will be recording personal identifying information in our secure database. All information entered on the Mission Reconnect website is protected by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and other encryption technologies to guard and safely transmit information between you and our secure servers. If you pay for an account on your own, Mission Reconnect will not disclose your identity or your contact information to any third party. If you create a user account using an authorization code from a sponsoring organization, then any disclosure of your identity and/or contact information will be subject to that organization's terms of sponsorship and privacy, which you will be agreeing to if you accept a sponsorship.

Sponsoring Organization

Mission Reconnect invites partnerships with organizations wishing to sponsor free access for Veterans. If you are connected with a Veteran support or advocacy organization, ask them if they will become a sponsoring organization. You will be helping make this important resource available to others who can benefit from Mission Reconnect.

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Partner Account

Each primary account is allowed one partner account. You can add your partner account at any time. Once a partner account is created it is not transferrable.

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